Giving Faculty Real Representation

Welcome to the official website of the United Faculty of Florida’s Pasco-Hernando State College chapter. Our PHSC faculty union formed in April 2018 and began contract negotiations in February 2019.  Our first Collective Bargaining Agreement (contract) was ratified in November 2023 and can be found below. Through this website, you will be able to revisit our union’s history, explore our local union’s victories, identify and communicate with union leadership, and review our union’s contract.


Our union gives the faculty a meaningful, effective voice in dialogue with the administration. Maintaining this open conduit of communication between the faculty and the administration is incredibly important. We need our union to advocate for better wages and benefits (particularly given the rate of inflation), and we need our union to help us achieve equitable and sustainable working conditions.

Due to legislative changes, we all have to switch to the e-dues system in order to keep our union membership active. If you were a member on payroll deduction and have not switched to e-dues, you are no longer a member!! See info tab for details.

To recap the major wins our union has achieved for us since we unionized:

  • We negotiated 3 consecutive substantial raises after years of stagnant wages.
    • 2023: 5% raise across the board permanent raises, 2% non-recurring payment
    • 2022: Negotiated adjustments to salaries to ensure fair compensation based on years of service and degree attainment, average 5.6% raise. 
    • 2021: 5.5% raise across the board permanent raises and a 5% non-recurring payment
      • Combined together, faculty are making on average 17% more than before the pandemic
  • Increased all starting salaries to keep PHSC competitive in hiring
  • Established public comment at board meetings
  • Kept the department chairs from being eliminated.
  • Increased the stipends for program directors and department chairs
  • Increased the stipend for SMEs
  • Created a new form for the faculty evaluations
  • Gained better representation on college committees

Union Leadership

Our local union is made up of faculty like you! If you are interested in contributing, then please contact us at [email protected].

  • President: Kaitlyn Downing
  • Vice President: Caitlin Gille
  • Treasurer: Julie Hendriksen
  • Secretary: Karl Haller
  • Chief Negotiator: Caitlin Gille