About Our Union


To empower faculty to facilitate student growth and success and positively impact our communities.


  • To strengthen collaboration between faculty and administration through respect, communication, transparency, and honesty.
  • To empower faculty and promote their well-being through professionalism, equity, and the democratic process of collective bargaining.
  • To support student learning and growth through participation in the development of effective local and statewide educational policies.
  • To engage with the community through outreach and volunteer activities so that students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members can learn and succeed in a diverse world.

Collective Bargaining Goals

  • Faculty Voice – An empowered faculty voice in serving student and community needs in educational offerings.
    1. A collaborative labor-management relationship in matters related to collective bargaining.
    2. An equal partnership between faculty and administration in fulfilling the College’s mission.
    3. Fair and uniform treatment of faculty members in both employment and academic affairs.
    4. Respect for faculty members’ professional judgment and autonomy.
    5. Recognition of service to the College, the community, and society.

  • Enhanced Faculty Development – Attraction, retention, and further development of quality faculty to enhance student learning.
    1. Institutional and financial support for professional development of faculty.
    2. Meaningful and constructive input on faculty members’ job performance. 
    3. Clear and achievable guidelines for career advancement.

  • Competitive Compensation – transparent, competitive, and fair pathway for advancement in compensation.
    1. A compensation system that reflects the value of experience and prevents wage compression.
    2. Recognition of the value of academic advancement in one’s field.
    3. Fair pay for every hour engaged in academic labor.
    4. Maintaining competitive employment benefits with peer institutions.

  • Health, Safety, and Security – An academic environment that places the utmost importance on the health, safety, and security of all members of the College community.
    1. Policies and that enable employees to attend to their and their families’ health and wellness.
    2. A workplace free from all forms of harassment, discrimination, and threats of violence.
    3. Administrator, faculty, and student collaboration in monitoring and improving campus safety.